Author Topic: A fix to the welfare problem  (Read 3991 times)


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A fix to the welfare problem
« on: April 27, 2017, 01:13:32 AM »
For years, it has been observed in this country I call home that there is a segment of society that believes it's entitled to anything and everything without having to earn it. This societal segment isn't confined to people of a certain race, color, gender - all that they hold in common is that they have this entitlement belief.
Clearly, the generations that follow them will be raised with the same belief - which cannot continue; thus I propose the following:

Upon leaving school or coming into the age of majority (currently 18 here), every legal citizen or resident will be allocated $50,000 which will fund their healthcare, welfare, and higher education needs. This fund would be co-cooperatively administrated by the Ministry of Social Development and Inland Revenue Department.

What the fund would cover
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Food grants - alcohol and tobacco products will not qualify
  • Standard healthcare; Elective surgery or special-circumstances healthcare (such as cancer treatments, which would be covered under a special circumstances grant) are exempt
  • Student loans for higher/tertiary education
  • Healthcare of one's dependents (if sole guardian) or split/even payments from both caregivers
  • Pension/retirement

What it would not cover
  • Primary and secondary education - as every child is already entitled to state-funded education
  • Former dependents who qualify for the fund in their own right
  • ACC payments - these are covered as per normal

Special exemptions
Healthcare and other costs of living associated with dependents deemed to never be able to become self-sufficient (such as those in the intellectual health system) will not adversely impact the fund.

Topping up the fund
A percentage of one's income taxes (be it PAYE, Stock Dividends, et cetera) will be allocated to replenishing/topping up this individual welfare fund.

Once it hits zero
When the fund is empty, support for the citizen or resident is terminated until the fund is replenished as described above.

What it means
Every legal resident and citizen will start on an equal footing with regards to social opportunities in New Zealand. Additionally this will indirectly encourage productive contributions to the national economy whilst discouraging under-the-table illegitimate income (as such income cannot be used to replenish the individual social fund) as well as society members that fit the general description of "baby factories"

Unused funds at time of death
A one-time payment of up to $5,000 (exempt from "Once it hits zero" clause above) or 10% of remaining funds (whichever is the larger) would be provided to cover funeral costs in addition to any extant life insurance policies that may apply. Any unused funds after this payout will be returned to the central government general budget.
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