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« on: May 28, 2016, 05:40:52 AM »
The forum is back :)
I'll be starting this place basically bare minimums and letting what community that gathers determine what direction the site will take (within limits, which I'll list below)

The limits
For legal reasons, the following actions will result in an immediate no-prior-warnings-required ban - no exceptions:
- Posting pornography of any kind
- Posts that promote warez/piracy (I will permit philosophical discussions relating to piracy and its effects on industries etc, but will not permit discussions on how to get said pirated materials)
- Posts promoting hatred against any class of citizen (be it for their race, religion, or any other trait)

This list may grow as situations arise, but some common sense applies: If you don't want your mother, father, or employer reading the post then don't post it